Hull Barbers

Men’s hairdressing has changed so much over the years along with men’s attitude to male grooming. A gents hair cut can take as long as a ladies restyle, (sometimes longer) Most of today’s gents know what they want, they bring pictures with them which we recreate or add our own creative edge. For the gent that wants a change our trained gents hairstylist are always here to help you.
All staff are trained barbers.
Our clientele ranges from a boys first haircut, lads night out, the grooms special day or to our fabulous clientele of retired gentlemen.
Today’s men’s looks are cut with precision, faded blends and ultimate care. A look that suits your face, head shape, personality and lifestyle.

What our customers are saying about Gents Cutting and styling
  • Fe'Male ego in Hull has been my Barber of choice for over 20 years. Used to get my hair cut and streaked here in the 80's. Now in my 40s its a classic barbers cut and the occasional colouring.–Mark Wise Brough

  • I leave nothing to chance with my hair! My styles change like the weather and the stylists here always make sure they know exactly what I want and execute the style perfectly every time.–Chris P